Sean Kingston

SEAN KINGSTON’s “feel good” movement came from years of pain. He candidly talks about his mother’s incarceration, to his dad not being there, this week on New Music Director. Hear where Sean found inspiration; what he promised his mom while she was in jail and how he found motivation in tragedy. With roots that connect […]

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Mike Posner

MIKE POSNER doesn’t see his audience as fans but as friends. That relationship is based on a genuine connection not only as an artist but as one of them. He performed countless shows before most of his audience knew what he looked like … but they knew every word to his songs. The reason MIKE […]

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Its not relevance but the art of music that drives MIGUEL. Hear how he shared a “Quickie” and why being himself makes him different. Whether writing for Usher, Mary J. Blige and Ne-Yo; or as a vocalist, Miguel is a man of conviction and honesty. Part 1 of his NMD interview reflects the man behind […]

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Pitbull speaks of his two “best friends”, what Celia Cruz has in common with Uncle Luke, the importance of the Corona commercial and why he’s one hip hop artist that respects someone more than Scarface. Pitbull is currently working on his PLANET PIT album for J Records scheduled for later this year.

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Did it take a gun for T-Pain to evolve? It’s art, perception, deception…and a “make or break album” according to T-Pain, in tune with his “Best Love Song”.  Why the most important T-Pain songs … are one’s you’ve never heard. But you DO hear about the song he wished he’d written. T-Pain raised what!?! before […]

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